Easy-Peasy Tortilla Soup

We were not a family of soup-eaters.  Maybe because I grew up outside of Houston, where it *tends to be* on the warm side.  My mom made chili, she made stew (which I hated...even though, looking back, I really didn't hate it, I just liked to complain. Yes, I was *that* teenager), but soup?  Not so much.

This is the recipe that turned me into a soup-maker.  It's adapted from a recipe on the back of a can of beans.  In other words, it's fancy. ;) We eat it all year long, but especially when it's a chilly 78-degree fall day in Houston, it's perfect.

You'll need this:

{...and some chicken, or leftover smoked Thanksgiving turkey. Mmm...}

Two notes:
  1. If you like things spicy, sub out the can of diced tomatoes for a second can of Rotel.  
  2. Yes, this soup has a can of beans in it.  It sounds weird, but they thicken the soup and add protein.  Trust me here. 
Easy-Peasy Tortilla Soup

32 ounces chicken stock
10 ounce can Rotel
15 ounce can diced tomatoes
15 ounce can refried beans
1 cup frozen corn
2-3 cups cooked, shredded chicken or turkey
pico (optional)

on the side:
tortilla chips (these are mandatory, otherwise, it’s not tortilla soup)
cheddar cheese

In a large stockpot, combine the stock, Rotel, tomatoes and beans.  Heat over medium-high, stirring to break up the beans.  When the soup comes to a simmer, add the corn and cook 5 minutes.  Stir in the chicken and heat through.

Spoon into bowls and top with a spoonful of fresh pico, if desired.  Serve with the sides.

Quick, easy, budget-friendly, delicious.  There.  Are you convinced?


  1. I will be adding and extra Rotel for sure, tortilla soup is my favorite, and my L's are never silent. (tortiLLIa)

  2. Tortilla soup is one of my very favorites. Pinned for dinner this week!

  3. I'm not much of a soup or stew person but my husband certainly is. This is one very hearty looking soup! I've never seen avocado used in a soup before. It must add a very nice flavour and texture to it.

  4. I make this same soup and we love it! Even though I am not a spicy food lover, I use the two cans of Rotel and counteract the heat with a BIG dollop of sour cream:)

  5. I have to say, we are constantly trying to find a quick weeknight soup and you hit the nail on the head! The beans really make this a game changer of a recipe. I was able to have this simmering in 15 minutes so I could tend to my son. Thank you for posting this!

  6. I just made this and it was delicious!! It's such a perfect recipe for tortilla soup-easy, quick, delicious, cheap, and spicy (I did the two cans of Rotel option)! I love it and will be making it very often :) thank you bridget!

  7. I love soups, well living in midwest, USA where 6/12 months are somewhat cold am glad I love soup and this one happens to be one of my favorite, must try your version

  8. Thanks for the recipe, found it on Pinterest and I am making this over and over again. My family loves it!


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